Pilot abhinandan will have to go through this test to fly again


Indian Pilot Abhinandan Bardhaman, who went to Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK), chasing fighter aircraft of Pakistan, was released today. People used to express their happiness in their visits.
There is an atmosphere of joy in the whole of India, due to the arrival of the jambs. Every Indian wants to know about Wing Commander Bardhaman whether he will still fly the plane or not. So we are giving this answer here.

Let me tell you that now there will be some challenges for pilot Bardhamman. They will have to undergo many types of tests. There will also be a test in it, if it does not succeed in it, then you may also have to wash your hands.

Under the rules of Indian Air Force, the jam back will have to undergo some tough examinations. It is reported from the head of the senior IPS officer working for Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) that abhinandan have to go through many types of examinations after returning.

The officer said that this is not good, but the rules and regulations of the Indian Air Force are strict. They will have to go through a returning test after being caught in another country during the war. There will be no alternative to this.

According to the RAW official, surely abhinandan are brave humans. They have fought Pakistan's F-16 Fighter jet from the old MiG-21 fighter aircraft made in the 1970s. The Indian Defense Institute will always respect him for his bravery. According to the information, the pilot will not get an exemption from the inquiry.


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