5 Indian Web Series To Watch When You Are Feeling Bored.

Are you bored of the saas bahu drama on your television? but can't do anything about it, fret not, I am here for you or for the bored little teenager in you. I know life gets a little monotonous at times and you need an escape, An escape from reality. Stuff happens, & life gets shitty sometimes so let me introduce you to a few video series which you can watch right now to zone out....

In no particular order, these are my favorite series, which you can start watching if you haven't already.

TVF's Permanent Roommates:

This series is about Tanya & Mikesh, Mikesh is Tanya's boyfriend and he is coming back to propose her after 3 years in a long distance relationship. TLDR; If you have ever been in a relationship its a must watch. P.S. It's a laugh riot.

TVF's Pitchers

If you have ever worked a day in an office, you probably know that your boss is an asshole, your colleague is an asslicker and your boss's secretary is an asswipe. You were working hard one day and then it struck you, you should start your own company and be the asshole you always wanted to be. If this sounds a little bit like you then you should watch this series because TU BEER HAI B.C.

YRF's Ladies Room

This one is from the stables of YRF and is equally as entertaining as their movies, probably even more. I don't know how to explain this series except for this series is about two girls Dingo And Khanna & their struggles.
 P.S. It reminded me of  2 Broke Girls in a way but maybe that's just me

Life Sahi Hai
Let me ask you a  question.
Have you watched Pyaar Ka Punchnama??
Of course, you have what kind of lame question is this, let me rephrase my question Have you watched Pyaar Ka Punchnama & Liked it?
If you are like me or the 13870 people who rated it on IMDB you probably do like it, & if that's the case I have no shame in recommending you this masterpiece of a series. Enough said, just watch it, watch it now.

Girl In The City

This one is about Meera, Meera Sehgal, and her journey. The journey of a small town girl in the fashion industry. I have just started watching this, and I know it looks like one of those chick-flicks your girlfriend watches and you would probably hate. But just try it #NoShame. I liked it and so might you.

So, fellas, this was my take on the 5 Indian Web Series You Should Watch. I hope you like them.  

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