How To Make Money via The Internet

There are a various tutorials on the internet on how to make money via the internet, and there are also a lot of scams which tell you to buy their internet money making kit so that you can start making money online within a few minutes, but most of them are fakes. Trust me when i say this because as an unemployed youth, i have tried them all.I am writing this article so that you don't have to go through the pain which i went through.The thing is when you are new to something you are the most vulnerable and these scammers know this, so they try to hit you where it hurts the most. Afterall   "Someone's loss is someone's gain". so without further ado  here are the best ways to make money online :-

How To Make Money via The Internet
How To Make Money via The Internet

1) Making a Million Dollar Website

While this is certainly plausible for a few, but not for many and if you are going to be the next Zuckerberg, You must begin somewhere, After all 
"Every Journey Begins With The First Step"
 Here are a few resources to get you started:-

2) Affiliate Marketing

This is probably the best way to make money from the very beginning all you need is a knack for writing useful product reviews and a simple blog/website. Now you may be wondering what this affiliate marketing is, Right??
Have you ever recommended someone a product for example, lets say a certain laptop from an online retailer, you got that online retailer a customer, but you got nothing in return. 

Now, If i say that certain online retailer is paying its affiliates a certain percentage of the sale made through their valid links, wouldn't it be great for guys like you.
All you have to do is register for an affiliate marketing account and you can get started.
Here are the links for affiliate signups for India's top E-commerce websites


In case you are from USA click here  

3) Blogging

Well blogging is another avenue through which you can start earning money and its pretty simple too, all you need to do is simply blog about whatever rocks your boat and be persistent. You will definitely find audience if you blog from your heart or about a passion of yours, and when you get visitors and have an ample amount of content you can apply for an Ad sense account. Which will help you get ads to monetize your blog. It can't get simpler than that.
 So lets get you started; Shall we, 


4) Starting a YouTube Channel

If you are alive and are not living under a rock, you must have been on YouTube. Yeah the same website on which you watch that cute kitten video on a loop.
You might have even thought about uploading a few videos of yours as well, din't you??
Don't lie to me.
Well if you have and if you want to, then this time is the best time to do so.
It's just like a blog, but a tad bit more intimate after all you are opening yourself up to the whole world. But it's equally rewarding as well.
All you have to do is talk about your passion or help others by making tutorials or explaining things or just any random stuff. In short, go with your mother's advice and "BE YOURSELF", just be a little loud. ;)

In case you are wondering how uploading videos on a website will make you money, One word for you my friend "AD's", yeah those annoying little videos you skip on YouTube as soon as those 5 damned seconds are over. yeah, these will make money for you. So let's get started.

These are a few legit ways to make the internet earn money for you,

If at all you fail in the beginning, try again. Be Persistent. To end this post, I would like to Quote Roosevelt
"It is hard to fail, but it is worse never to have tried to succeed." 

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